Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids

As I was browsing the library a few weeks ago, I came across a book called My Daddy is a Pretzel. It’s a book with yoga poses for kids. On a whim, I checked it out, and my daughters love it! They love it so much, in fact that we’ve checked out a few other yoga books as well, including this one (which is my favorite) and this one.

A lot of the poses mimic animals or familiar shapes and objects. Both of my girls think it’s so fun to pretend to be a flamingo or a lion or a tree. I’m not sure they benefit from the breathing or relaxation techniques, but it has been a different and creative exercise for us.

I have never really done yoga, but I’ve enjoyed learning the different poses and breathing techniques with my girls. As part of our “Move It Mondays” for our summer schedule, we’ve included a few yoga for kids DVDs. They’re also a huge hit. I love finding new ways for my girls to be active, especially now that our outdoor time is more limited due to the heat.

Have you done yoga or stretching with your kids? If not, give it a try!


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