Why I’m Happy Wednesday: Recitals, Fruit, and More

dance recital

I’ll be honest – the last few days have been rough. My baby had a relapse of the stomach flu (the 3rd bout in 11 days), and I’ve been struggling in other ways, as well. I need a “Why I’m Happy Wednesday” post to help me see some good right now. Let’s see if I can come up with a few things to make me smile today!

Dance Recital – My dance group had a recital on Saturday. It was the first time I had danced in a performance since my junior year of college when my tap class performed at a festival. I loved it so much! Dancing with this group makes me so happy, and the recital was an extra boost of fun. We have another recital in June, so I can look forward to that, too.

Polite Babies – My little girl has just not been well lately. It’s been sad and confusing and exhausting. But she is the sweetest thing even when she’s sick. With every tiny sip of water, she says, “Thank you, Mama” and obediently hands the cup to me even though she wants more. It’s been heartbreaking and adorable, especially when she wakes up from a nap and joyfully says, “I not throwing up anymore!”

Summer Fruit – This week cantaloupe (fresh from the fields by our house) was only 75 cents each, blueberries were only 88 cents, and yesterday we picked peaches from a local orchard for less than a dollar a pound! We’ve been stocking up on all the delicious produce for lots of yummy snacking.

New Dishwasher – I got a new dishwasher for Mother’s Day. Our old one was basically useless and frustrated me every time I unloaded it, only to have to rewash half of the dishes. I’m so happy to have one that actually works and gets the dishes clean!

I hope you have a great Wednesday! If you have any good news, feel free to share!




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