Ready, Set, Summer!

summer fun

It’s no secret that I love summer. Usually I look forward to getting back in the pool and on to vacation for weeks. This year, though, I’ve been feeling pretty emotional about this season since my daughter will be going to school at summer’s end. Where we live, schools start the first week of August, so our summer vacation feels quite short (although the summer temperatures will linger for a good 6-8 weeks after school begins).

In an attempt to make this a memorable summer and soak up as much time as I can with both of my girls at home, I’ve been planning all kinds of activities for us to do the next two and a half months. I’ve never tried a real summer schedule before, so we’ll see how long I stick with it… The goal is to have daily activities (reading, learning time, chores, quiet play, etc.) and then have a block of time for our daily special activity. If you’ve looked on Pinterest for anything summer related, I’m sure you’ve seen schedules similar to ours.

Move it Mondays – Since we spend a lot of time indoors during AZ summers, I want to make sure my girls still get enough physical activity. Things we’ll do on these days might be yoga (I checked out a Yoga for Kids book from the library, and my girls LOVE it!), swimming, obstacle courses, dance parties, kids exercise DVDs, or an occasional indoor trampoline park.

Take a Trip Tuesday – We don’t have a lot of things near our house, so I’ll have to get creative with this one. This day will be good for getting us out of the house and finding new things to explore. Some trips might be the aquarium at the zoo, the library, Barnes and Noble, the pet store, Chick-fil-a, the mall playground, or a cousin’s house.

Water Wednesday – In reality, we’ll probably have water days multiple times a week, especially with swim lessons. But this day will be something different than normal – maybe a splash pad with friends, water balloons, squirt guns, etc. And I’m hoping we’ll be able to use our friends’ pools…(yay for good friends!).

Thoughtful Thursday – I had a hard time choosing a theme for Thursday, but this one kept sticking out to me. It’s important to me that my girls learn to serve others. Each Thursday, we’ll find a way to serve a friend, family member, neighbor, or the community. Hopefully, the girls (at least the older one) will learn how good it feels to help and love others.

Family Fun Friday – My ideal summer would include lots of daytrips and staycations with my family. Our budget doesn’t allow for that every week, of course, but I’m hoping to sneak in at least one staycation, an overnight camping trip, and a day trip or two. Other Fridays will be simpler with movie nights or game nights.

Do you use a summer schedule? How do you make the time with your kids special? Good luck getting through those last few days (or weeks) of school!


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  1. I love what you came up with! I finally figured out my Thursday too (with a little help from Travis and Kennedy)- Threads Thursday, we’ll do mini sewing lessons because she is always interested in doing it and I usually say no because I don’t have time or haven’t thought it through. So I’ll be ready ahead of time and we’ll spend some time sewing together. It could be brilliant or a disaster! I’ll let you know 🙂

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