On My Mind Monday: Playdates for Mom


A few weeks ago, Shannon wrote a post on balance and how living a balanced life helps to minimize stress. I read this article today called, “For Stressed Moms: 6 Steps to Finding Better Balance,” and thought it was worth sharing.

I like how the author says that “Everyone needs playdates,” meaning that even moms need time to do things that aren’t necessarily centered on their children. When I had my first daughter, I was with her almost all of the time and rarely did anything for myself. I did work away from home about 30 hours a week, but that was more for necessity than personal fulfillment.

After having my second daughter, I really felt a need to do something I loved outside of my love for mothering. That prompted me to start a book club. I’ve also recently participated in a musical with my church and joined a dance group. Each of these things has helped me reconnect with other sides of myself that had kind of been slumbering since I became a mother.

As a young girl, I knew that someday wanted to be a mom (although, oddly enough, I didn’t like kids…a story for another day). Almost nothing has brought me as much joy as being a mother, and I’m so thankful for that blessing! But I feel like I’ve been a better mom since learning to take a little time for myself each week to use other talents of mine. It has helped me remember who I am as “Katherine” and not just as “Mom.” And it also feels really good to come home to excited kids (and husband) who are so happy to see me!

What do you do to take time for yourself? Carve out a little guilt-free self-care time and see what a positive impact it can have on your week!


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  1. This is why I joined a choir recently! I’ve felt a little guilty ditching my family after FHE on Mondays, but oh, I LOVE my choir!!! We just had our concert and are off for the summer, but I can hardly wait until we get back to rehearsing in the fall! It’s so great to do something without kids hanging all over me, and it’s nice to remember that I have talents besides just changing diapers!

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