Feeling Like A Real Mom

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Mother’s Day was not a glamorous day around here. My family brought me breakfast in bed. While I was eating it, my baby threw up – the first of many times throughout the day. She has always been quite attached to me, but was especially so while she was sick. I heard her say, “Mama!” probably no less than 500 times that day.

Janssen, from Everyday Reading, wrote a post about things that make her feel like a real mom, which I thought was so fun and relatable. It got me thinking about things that make me really feel like a mom:

  • Staying awake (literally) all night holding a sick baby who will only sleep in my arms
  • Watching my oldest give a talk in primary or sing with the primary kids in church
  • Target – I used to spend my money primarily on make up and clothes; now the baby/toddler section is like an extremely strong magnet…
  • Hiring a babysitter – going out takes a lot more planning (and money!) than it used to
  • Registering my daughter for school!!
  • Coming home and hearing the baby shout, “Mama’s here!” and seeing her run toward me

Sometimes I still can’t believe I am 30 years old and have two kids. Often it feels like I’m playing house. And then dinner needs to be made, kids ask for bedtime stories, and I’m brought back to this happy, messy, crazy reality.


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