Hugs From Holly


My cousin’s family recently lost their three-year-old girl through a tragic accident. We attended her funeral last Saturday, and while there was much grief and sadness, there was also a lot of hope and love.

Her birthday was on May 3, this coming Wednesday. To honor her and help spread love and joy, they have created Hugs From Holly Day. Here’s what it’s all about:

“Join us this Wednesday, May 3, as we honor and celebrate #hugsfromhollyday. Holly was known to give the best hugs, and her love for everyone and everything in life was contagious. Let’s spread this joy as we scatter sunshine in Holly’s honor on her birthday. Here’s how YOU can get involved on Wednesday, May 3:

  1. Wear PINK in Holly’s honor
  2. Make a plan to share hugs and spread joy and love through random acts of heartfelt kindness for those in your community. Smile more. Compliment somebody. Write a kind note. Share treats (or chicken nuggets). Do a free lemonade stand. Leave a bigger tip than usual. Pay for the person behind you in the drive through. Donate a book in Holly’s honor. Turn up the music and dance…the list is endless. Be creative!
  3. Capture your family spreading joy and post your pictures using the hashtag #hugsfromhollyday

Share this! Shout it from the rooftops! Let’s spread kindness and love and make Wednesday a HOLLYday!”

My family is excited to participate. Even if you didn’t know Holly, this is a great opportunity to do service, show love, and make the world a little happier. Go hold your little ones close and spread sunshine with us!


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  1. What a way to honor this little Angel. Praying for the whole family. Can’t wait to hear the amazing stories in this beautiful little girls honor…

  2. I woke up this morning at 5 thinking of Holly and whatI could do. It didn’t take long to know. I spent 2 hours researching my ancestors and found 10 family names. I am giving these names to my Aunt who will do their work in honor of Holly. Today I will take the names I researched in Jan in honor of Kimball Eagar and will finish up the the work I started for her. It is a blessing to do this work for these two angle babies who were taken too early. I know that this is the work she is doing on the other side. I know it! Holy’s Grandma, Jamie, who is with Holy on the other side was my friend and visiting teacher for years. Holy’s grandpa was our Bishop. I watched Ashley Holy’s mom grow up to be a beautiful woman who reached out to our family when we needed help. We love you.

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