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getting crafty

Crafting is not something I would list as one of my strengths. In fact, it would probably be one of the first things listed as one of my weaknesses. So when I do something crafty and it actually turns out well, I am elated and have to post about it! 😉

I have had several opportunities over the past few weeks to stretch my creativity and improve my crafting skills. Let me share with you what I have been up to….

  1. Teacher Appreciation Doors- Somehow I ended up as the room mom for both of my boys’ classrooms this year. Besides helping in the classroom, this job is mostly organizational and facilitating the communication between the teachers, staff and parents. These things I can do. But during teacher appreciation week, the room mom has the job of decorating the teacher’s door to show how much that teacher is loved and appreciated. These doors are a big deal at my kid’s elementary school. They are a direct reflection of the quality of room mom each teacher has and I definitely felt the pressure! Of course I went directly to Pintrest for ideas, but I wanted to give my doors their own special look. In the end, I thought they turned out pretty cute and feel like I have made it through the room mom right of passage! Ha!
    Mrs. Rossi has the “Recipe for Success!” Each student wrote what they thought was her “secret ingredient” on a paper plate next to their picture and signed her apron.

    “Fishy faces” on all the little fish showing their appreciation for this wonderful first grade teacher. She is O-fishally their favorite.
  2. Diaper Wreath– I am helping with a baby shower this week and came across this darling diaper wreath on Pintrest. I loved the idea of a decoration that is also a gift so I committed to the project. There were a few bumps along the way but am quite pleased with how it turned out! Look at me being so crafty! (And yes, copying others craftiness still counts as crafty!)
  3. Baseball Wreath- I actually made this wreath last year but just put it back up on my door again for baseball season. I feel like a crafting champ every time I see it or someone comments on it.  A friend of mine made a similar version of this wreath and had leftover balls that she gave to me. So I made my own baseball wreath and I’m not sure who loves it more, me or my boys! Enjoying months of this wreath is one good thing about baseball season being so long!

With all this successful crafting accomplished, I’m feeling an urge to start a new project. What crafting projects have you been up to?


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