My Mom Summer Survival Tips


There is so much to love about summer but there is also so much not to love about summer. Lazy mornings, not packing school lunches, swimming and water balloon fights are fantastic! Filling days and weeks with entertainment, surrendering to a messy house, and battles over electronics and between siblings are not fantastic. We have a pretty mellow summer this year so I am trying my best to create a nice balance of fun and structure. Let me share with you some of my plans to help me survive this summer… Keeping it Fun Crafting: I am not a big crafter but my kids love them and I have found that we actually have a […]

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A Little Pre-Recital Drama…

My four year old daughter had her first dance recital this week. After a lifetime of being on the sidelines for her brothers’ soccer, basketball and baseball games, this little girl was so thrilled to finally have her time in the spotlight! But just as it was time to start getting her ready for her big event, the drama happened… I reached out and grabbed my daughter’s hand so we could start to change her clothes. Being the stinker that she can sometimes be, she decided to pulled away just as I pulled her toward me. Suddenly, I felt a little pop in her wrist. We both froze and looked at each other. […]

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Feeling Like A Real Mom

At the beach

Mother’s Day was not a glamorous day around here. My family brought me breakfast in bed. While I was eating it, my baby threw up – the first of many times throughout the day. She has always been quite attached to me, but was especially so while she was sick. I heard her say, “Mama!” probably no less than 500 times that day. Janssen, from Everyday Reading, wrote a post about things that make her feel like a real mom, which I thought was so fun and relatable. It got me thinking about things that make me really feel like a mom: Staying awake (literally) all night holding a sick baby who will […]

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On My Mind Monday: Foster Sibling Love

fostering sibling relationships

I have been thinking a lot about family relationships lately; particularly sibling relationships. I am the middle child of three kids. My sister is three years older and my brother is 5 years younger. I’m sure we did not get along all the time, but for some reason I can only remember always loving being with my siblings. My sister was my idol. I wanted to do everything she did and she was nice enough to let me tag along a lot of the time. Perhaps it was her example of a good big sister that created a desire in me to be a good big sister myself to my little brother. I […]

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Do You Let your Child Win?

candy land

The other day my daughter and I sat down to play a few rounds of Candy Land. Because she just turned four, I have been trying to limit interfering in our games. As we started the game, our first few turns of drawing cards were pretty even. Then she drew a lolly pop and said “Oh, you’ll never catch me now!” Playing a good sport I said, “Oh you lucky girl! Good job!” I of course then drew a cupcake. We both laughed and I said “Oh man! At least I get to eat a cupcake!” As the game continued, the cards kept going in her favor. She grew more and more confident with her lead […]

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Baby-Led Weaning: The Solution to Picky Eating?

Baby Led Weaning

My baby has been a big eater from the day she was born. She nursed every hour and a half for the first 2 months of her life. But around 4 months, the doctor noticed she hadn’t gained much weight since age two months (which I attribute to her sleeping through the night and not having nighttime feedings) and suggested we supplement with baby cereal. We did that, she loved it, and she put on a few pounds. When we started her on other foods, though, we did a modified version of Baby-led Weaning. Have you heard of it? Simply stated, it is the idea that babies can eat regular “adult” food and […]

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On My Mind Monday: Raising Caring Children

holding hands

My daughter will be starting school next year. We’ve been homeschooling this year, but we are sending her to a charter school in the fall. I feel happy with this decision, but I’ve felt a bit of nerves for a few reasons. One thing I keep thinking is, “Have I taught her enough?”. I’m not talking in terms of curriculum but more in terms of being a strong person and caring friend. I try to be intentional in my parenting and bring life lessons into our regular conversations, but I still wonder if she’ll be prepared for all the new situations she’ll inevitably face. What will she do if she encounters a bully? […]

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They are Only Teeth: Part 2

A few months ago, I did a post called “They are only teeth” and gave the history of my children’s unfortunate luck of knocking out teeth. Sadly, I now have a part two of the story! Let me give you some of the details… Last Tuesday night, while my kids and I were at a friend’s house working on a pinewood derby car, my 3 year old daughter tripped while playing near a coffee table and hit her face on the edge of the table. My heart sank as I rushed over to assess the damage. I have some good experience in dealing with these types of injuries but it never gets any easier. […]

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Book Review: The Whole-Brain Child

The Whole Brain Child

Many of my personal goals for this year are focused on my relationships, including my relationships with my children. My kids are growing up so quickly and this realization has caused me to think a lot about how well I am parenting. Do I have the kind of relationship I want with each of my children? Am I teaching and preparing them enough for all they are experiencing? How well do I understand each child and show that they mean the world to me? A couple of weeks ago I was at the park with a few friends and one of them mentioned that she was reading a parenting book that she really loved called “The […]

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On My Mind Monday: Cub Scouts, Rain Clouds and the Reality of Anxiety


Last Saturday I got to accompany a group of cub scouts on a 5 mile hike to commemorate the passage of the Mormon Battalion through Temecula, one of their last stops on their way to San Diego. It had rained most of the early morning hours and was still a bit misty as we headed out to to trail head that day. Most of the boys in our group seemed oblivious to the rain, however, one boy in our group was not. He was afraid of rain. I know this sounds crazy. How can anyone be scared of rain? When this boy’s mom called me that morning before we left to explain their situation, I will […]

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