Midweek Mingle: Brooke from Silver Lining

Brooke Silver Lining

I am so happy to feature Brooke from Silver Lining today! Her blog is so sweet and genuine, and, as a fellow Arizona blogger, I felt an immediate kinship with her. She has an adorable family and focuses on their special everyday moments. Her posts are positive, authentic, and relatable. Here’s a little bit more about Brooke. What is your blog about? Silver Lining is a lifestyle blog about our bright, happy, and authentic moments as young parents. We live and love here in sunny Arizona, with our toddler and baby twins. It’s the good life (it’s also a life filled with bottles and diapers and the occasional toddler tantrum). What is something […]

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Midweek Mingle: Kim of Talk Wordy to Me

talk wordy

You know when you are scrolling through Instagram feeds and you come across a post that you actually stop to fully read and then immediately decide to follow? Talk Wordy to Me is exactly that type of feed and we are so thrilled to feature Kim in today’s midweek mingle! Kim is a gifted writer and her content is both sincere and intriguing. Whether you need a good read, an inspirational lift, or ideas for better quality time as a family, Kim has you covered. Read her answers to our questionnaire and then head over to Talk Wordy to Me to see all her fantastic posts! 1. What is your blog about? Talk Wordy […]

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Midweek Mingle: Jen of Carlsbad Cravings

Jen Carlsbad Cravings

We are so excited to introduce you to Jen of Carlsbad Cravings! She is such an inspirational person and has survived some incredibly difficult things (read her story here). She posts amazingly unique recipes; just browsing her site will make your mouth water! Here’s a little more about Jen: What is your blog about? Carlsbad Cravings is my corner of the internet where I share my own personally created recipes. I love creating BIG BOLD flavors out of everyday ingredients – AKA family friendly meals with a creative spin that are heavy on the delicious factor. I love slow cooker meals, soups, Mexican, Asian and LOVE sharing it all with you! What is something […]

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Mid-Week Mingle: Delanie of Motherhood Type

 I am excited to introduce Delanie from Motherhood Type for today’s midweek mingle! Delanie is one talented lady and her site is full of wonderful food, crafts, and activities to make motherhood more enjoyable and easier too. As a mother of five, Delanie is an excellent resource for creative ways to have fun with our children without spending a lot of money or working overtime (overtime = mommy’s time) 🙂 Get to know a little more about Delanie in our mingle and then head over to her sight to see all of her awesome ideas! 1. What is your blog about? Motherhood Type is a Creative Home and Family blog about motherhood, food, parties, printables, thrifting, and […]

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Midweek Mingle: Katie of Raising My Arrows

Raising My Arrows

I’m so glad to have Katie participating in Midweek Mingle. She writes over at Raising My Arrows where she and her daughter are about the cutest duo ever! I actually knew Katie growing up, as I went to school with her sister. She is as sweet and genuine in person as she seems on her blog. Let’s get to know her a little bit more! What is your blog about? Raising My Arrows is all about the highs and lows of Motherhoods. I pride myself in being truthful, authentic, and a writer that all mother’s can relate to. What is something you must have or do every day? Coffee! It’s so sad how […]

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Midweek Mingle: Katherine

Midweek Mingle

It’s my turn to tell you a little bit more about myself for this Midweek Mingle! I, like Shannon, was raised in AZ, but across the valley in Peoria. I am a true desert rat and would take a super hot summer over a terribly cold winter any day. As a kid, I loved singing, dancing, reading, swimming, dressing up and playing pretend. Actually, I still love most of those things! For college, I went to Brigham Young University where I met my husband in the most romantic of all places – a cadaver lab! He was my anatomy TA, and since he wasn’t allowed to date his students, we started dating the week […]

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Midweek Mingle: Janssen of Everyday Reading

Janssen Bradshaw Midweek Mingle

I am so excited for today’s featured blogger, Janssen, who writes the blog Everyday Reading. I’ve been following her blog for five years, longer than any other blog I currently read. She is my go-to source for book reviews, homeschool advice, and practical parenting tips. I love how real and relatable she is; I never feel like what I’m reading has been fabricated to fit the sponsor opportunity or made to seem more glamorous than reality. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. Here’s what she had to say: What is your blog about? Everyday Reading is a modern family lifestyle blog all about creating a fun and […]

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Mid-Week Mingle: Shannon

Today I would like to kick off a new series Katherine and I have been planning called Mid-Week Mingle. We are reaching out to some of our favorite fellow bloggers for a little social session here on Citrus and Sandals. It is always fun to get to know a little more about the amazing people behind these blogs so we are asking a few fun get-to-know-you questions and sharing their answers with you! Because Katherine and I have really only given you bits and pieces of our lives our this blog, we thought it might be a good idea to start with us! I always like to save the best for last so today […]

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