Homeschool Curriculum: Part Two – Special Subjects

Homeschool special subjects

As I mentioned in my previous post, every day we have a “special” subject in addition to our core curriculum. We rotate through science, art, history, geography, music, and P.E./health. The specials are easily C’s favorite, and often, mine too. For science, we keep it simple. I’ve used a few books, including Kitchen Science Lab for Kids and My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit. I like both of these, but found that Kitchen Science Lab for Kids has a wider variety of experiments. Even if you’re not a homeschool parent, these books have fun activities that kids would enjoy outside of school! Art is C’s favorite special subject without question. I love the Getting to Know […]

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Our Homeschool Curriculum: Part One

Kindergarten and First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

I’ve had a few questions about our homeschool curriculum, so let me share what we’ve been doing so far. Keep in mind, my daughter isn’t even old enough for kindergarten, so I’m not super strict with our schedule. Also, this is my first time homeschooling, so I’m bound to make about a million mistakes! We always start the day with math (when baby E takes a nap) since it takes the most time – about 20-30 minutes. For math, we’ve been using Saxon Math Grade 1.  We chose Saxon because this is the curriculum used by the school we want C to go to next year. I feel like I could write a whole post […]

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A Homeschool Novice

By Arizona standards, my daughter is too young for kindergarten this year. Her birthday falls several weeks after the September 1st deadline. This has caused me a great deal of (probably unnecessary) stress! You see, my daughter is somewhat of an education junkie – quite unique for a 4-year-old. She has been reading for over a year and a half, loves math and science, and constantly asks to play pretend school. She is more than ready for kindergarten. I tried everything I could to get her into kindergarten early but without success. She had already done two years of preschool, and I really didn’t want to pay for a third. So after much thought […]

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