Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids

As I was browsing the library a few weeks ago, I came across a book called My Daddy is a Pretzel. It’s a book with yoga poses for kids. On a whim, I checked it out, and my daughters love it! They love it so much, in fact that we’ve checked out a few other yoga books as well, including this one (which is my favorite) and this one. A lot of the poses mimic animals or familiar shapes and objects. Both of my girls think it’s so fun to pretend to be a flamingo or a lion or a tree. I’m not sure they benefit from the breathing or relaxation techniques, but it has […]

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How I Calm My Mind When Panic Arises

How to calm an anxious mind

Back in November, I posted about my struggle with anxiety. At the time I wrote the post, I was in a really good place mentally, which made it easier to share. Lately, I’ve had a bit of a relapse with anxiety, and it has been more difficult for me to manage. I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack in quite a while, but there have been a few times recently that I’ve felt one threatening to come. Thankfully, I’ve been able to prevent them by using certain techniques. I wanted to share them in hope that someone else might find them helpful. Don’t panic: This sounds silly, I realize, but I literally used […]

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Anxiety and Motherhood

Rising Above Anxiety - One Mother's Perspective

Looking back, I think I’ve had anxiety since I was about twelve, although I didn’t know what it was at the time. My panic attacks, though, didn’t start until 2013. The first time I had one, I was sure it was a heart attack. I made my husband call 911. The paramedics told me what it really was. I didn’t realize panic attacks could be that severe or even that real. About 5 months after that, I was swallowed by near constant anxiety and panic attacks. It became so bad that my mom flew to town to take care of my house and my 20-month-old, while my husband tried to take care of […]

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