Links for the Weekend

beach day

I just got back from a few wonderful days in California, and now I’m back in the thick of reality with a sick baby and a messy house. I’m keeping it easy today and sharing a few links to some interesting things around the web from this week. Enjoy! Yes, yes, yes! I was just at the beach on Monday and said to my husband, “My heart feels so peaceful at the beach!” Thank you, science, for backing me up! But this info makes my heart feel not nearly as peaceful… My friend shared this link with me a few days ago, which basically is a combination of my two favorite things! (Yes, […]

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Why I’m Happy Wednesday


When I was in college, Wednesdays were always my longest days. I was often on campus in class, at work, or studying for more than 12 hours. Somehow it ended up this way almost every single semester! That gave me a bit of a bad taste for Wednesdays. Even now that I’ve been out of school for several years, I sometimes struggle with Wednesdays. I don’t mind Mondays because, to me, they’re a fresh start. I still have a bit of that momentum on Tuesdays. By Wednesday, though, the new beginning has worn off, and the weekend can feel far away! To give us all a bit of a midweek pick-me-up, I wanted […]

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On My Mind Monday: to be more kind

I’ve been thinking a lot about what goals I should make for this new year. I have no shortage of qualities and behaviors that could use improvement, but this year I am taking a little different approach to my resolutions. I do have a few normal goals for the year; like reading two of the books off Katherine’s book list and eating at least 5 different vegetables each week. But one goal I really want to focus on for 2017 is to be more kind. Kindness is a quality that I think is way under appreciated. Being kind means you show concern, care, affection, and generosity. Kind people are more patient and harder to […]

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In Need of a Morale Boost?

Is anyone else feeling a bit weighed down with all the contention and resentment going on in our country? I normally prefer to stay aware of what is going on in the world around me, but in the weeks leading up to the election and pretty much every day since, all I seem to hear about are failures, lies, and negativity in general. Since I can’t make every one on the news say five positive things for every negative statement they make (if you don’t get this joke read this post) I have just about completely avoided any type of news media in general. I don’t need to fill my life with those […]

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