Ready, Set, Summer!

summer fun

It’s no secret that I love summer. Usually I look forward to getting back in the pool and on to vacation for weeks. This year, though, I’ve been feeling pretty emotional about this season since my daughter will be going to school at summer’s end. Where we live, schools start the first week of August, so our summer vacation feels quite short (although the summer temperatures will linger for a good 6-8 weeks after school begins). In an attempt to make this a memorable summer and soak up as much time as I can with both of my girls at home, I’ve been planning all kinds of activities for us to do the next two […]

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Looking Forward to Summer

Chalk art

One reason we moved back to Arizona after being in Utah for five years was that I had a really hard time handling the snow and cold temperatures. You certainly don’t find much of those in Phoenix. A self-imposed condition of our move was that I vowed to never complain about the heat to my husband since I was so thrilled to be escaping the snow. As a native Arizonan and a true desert lover, I often feel the need to defend my home state. Whenever anyone complains about the heat, I am quick to speak up about its perks. This week has been a bit warmer than usual for this time of […]

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On My Mind Monday: Inspiring Creativity


When I think of someone who is creative, I think of someone who sews, crafts, paints, or draws. I am not one of those people. My sewing skills are limited to button replacements, my enjoyment of most crafts is minimal, and my artistic skills peaked in 2nd grade when I had my painting displayed in a local mall. My creativity comes in other ways like writing and dancing and singing. That being said, I have recently felt creatively stagnant. I’ve been lacking inspiration in the areas where I am normally most creative. As I’ve been thinking about ways to be more inspired, I’ve noticed a few main things that have been hindering my creativity. Routines: I am […]

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Book Review: The Whole-Brain Child

The Whole Brain Child

Many of my personal goals for this year are focused on my relationships, including my relationships with my children. My kids are growing up so quickly and this realization has caused me to think a lot about how well I am parenting. Do I have the kind of relationship I want with each of my children? Am I teaching and preparing them enough for all they are experiencing? How well do I understand each child and show that they mean the world to me? A couple of weeks ago I was at the park with a few friends and one of them mentioned that she was reading a parenting book that she really loved called “The […]

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February Photo-a-Day Challenge

In my opinion, the hardest part about blogging is taking pictures. I am not a talented photographer and often forget to take pictures. Any decent photo on any of my posts was probably taken by my husband.  (Shannon is the total opposite. If only she lived closer to me, then she could take all my pictures, or at least remind me to take some!) While I probably ought to take a course or watch a ton of YouTube videos on photography, that just isn’t at the top of my to-do list right now. However, I do want to be better at documenting things, so I decided to do a February Photo-a-Day challenge. This […]

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Life Lessons from an Unkempt Yard

Weeding Things Out of My Life

This morning as I was pulling weeds (I wasn’t exaggerating the amount of yardwork we have.), I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the work I was doing and my life in general. Overall, our front yard is really nice. We have a decent amount of grass, which can be rare in Arizona landscaping. We have four large trees and several flowering (depending on the season) bushes. But right now, the yard is overrun with fallen leaves and abundant weeds, thanks to the unusual amount of rain we’ve had lately and our lack of upkeep. It is hard to see the beauty when there is so much that needs to be cleaned […]

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On My Mind Monday: A Mom’s Birthday Wish List

Let’s talk birthday stuff, shall we? My 30th birthday (!!) is on Saturday, so why not celebrate all week? And by celebrate, I mean write blog posts about my birthday because my week looks pretty ordinary. Whenever it was my mom’s birthday, she would always say that all she wanted was a clean house and obedient children. I remember thinking how boring that was! Didn’t she want something cool? Well, guess what?! When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I answered, “Someone to clean my house!” While I doubt I will be having a maid anytime soon, here are a few other household-related things I wouldn’t mind getting for my […]

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What Worked and Didn’t Work for Me in 2016

Can you handle another New Year’s post? I actually really enjoy reading people’s reflections and resolutions, so I hope you do too. I recently read this post by Modern Mrs. Darcy (one of my favorite blogs!), and it was so thought-provoking that I decided to do a similar post. Things that worked for me in 2016: Book Club – Is it ridiculous that this is the first thing that came to my mind? Starting a book club is one of the best things I did last year! It was out of my comfort zone to invite people to my house (some whom I didn’t know all that well), but I am so glad I […]

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Think Positively!

Allow me to be candid. The last few weeks have been really great celebrating all the holidays and enjoying the Christmas magic. But amidst that magic, I also felt totally overwhelmed by my shortcomings and things I want to do better. These feelings all came crashing down on New Year’s Eve, and I totally lost it, sobbing my way into the New Year telling my husband all of my woes. You see, I tend toward the pessimistic side of the scale by nature and have to work really hard to tip the scales toward optimism. Thankfully, my husband balances me in that area and helps me look at things with a sunnier perspective. […]

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On My Mind Monday: to be more kind

I’ve been thinking a lot about what goals I should make for this new year. I have no shortage of qualities and behaviors that could use improvement, but this year I am taking a little different approach to my resolutions. I do have a few normal goals for the year; like reading two of the books off Katherine’s book list and eating at least 5 different vegetables each week. But one goal I really want to focus on for 2017 is to be more kind. Kindness is a quality that I think is way under appreciated. Being kind means you show concern, care, affection, and generosity. Kind people are more patient and harder to […]

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