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Daily life can be tedious, hectic, and make us feel like our efforts are insignificant. However, in each day we can also find moments of happiness, gratitude, and love, often in small, simple things.

Citrus and Sandals was created to help us recognize and appreciate those simple joys. We hope our ideas and experiences inspire you to look for and savor those little things and enjoy a simple, happy life.


I’m Katherine – a book-loving, dance-partying wife and mama of two. As a Phoenix dweller, I love the spring for the citrus blossoms, summer for endless swimming, and fall and winter for constant outside play! Most of my time is spent playing with or reading to my kids, planning and cooking simple meals, and attempting to maintain a (somewhat) clean house.

I was raised in Peoria, Az. I am a true desert rat and would take a super hot summer over a terribly cold winter any day. As a kid, I loved singing, dancing, reading, swimming, dressing up and playing pretend. Actually, I still love most of those things!

For college, I went to Brigham Young University where I met my husband in the most romantic of all places – a cadaver lab! He was my anatomy TA, and since he wasn’t allowed to date his students, we started dating the week after the semester ended. We spent our first almost 5 years of marriage in Utah while my husband taught anatomy and physiology at a small college, and I worked in the athletic department at BYU.

I finally had enough of snow and freezing winters and somehow convinced Devin to move to Arizona. We have two daughters, ages 5 and 1, who are so delightful (most of the time…) and keep us busy and entertained. We spend a lot of time together since my husband now works from home, and we love playing games, reading books, and taking little family outings together.


I am Shannon. I love fresh raspberries, the smell of summer rain, laughing with my husband, and squeezes from my children. I enjoy being active and outside as much as possible so I am grateful to live in Southern California and to have three kids to keep me on the move!

I was born in Silver Springs, Maryland and raised in Mesa, Arizona. As a kid I loved building forts in the citrus groves, endless summer days in the swimming pool and lots of time playing with my neighborhood friends. Everyone always asks me how I grew up in the Arizona heat but I don’t remember it being that big of a deal as a child. I do remember my friends and I daring each other to race across the sweltering hot asphalt in the middle of the summer barefoot! Haha! I have gotten to be a lightweight since I moved away from the valley and always feel a bit melted when I return home from my annual summer visit, but Arizona was a wonderful place to grow up!

After high school I headed north to Brigham Young University where I met my husband, Matt (Katherine’s older brother), on a blind date during the start of my junior year. A year later we were married and since then we have spent 4 years in Provo, Utah, nearly 3 years in South Pasadena, California, and almost 6 years in Temecula, California. With each chapter of our lives we have added a new family member. We now have two boys (10 and 7) and our daughter (age 3). I must say I am really enjoying this little life story we are creating. 🙂