My Mom Summer Survival Tips


There is so much to love about summer but there is also so much not to love about summer. Lazy mornings, not packing school lunches, swimming and water balloon fights are fantastic! Filling days and weeks with entertainment, surrendering to a messy house, and battles over electronics and between siblings are not fantastic. We have a pretty mellow summer this year so I am trying my best to create a nice balance of fun and structure. Let me share with you some of my plans to help me survive this summer… Keeping it Fun Crafting: I am not a big crafter but my kids love them and I have found that we actually have a […]

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Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids

As I was browsing the library a few weeks ago, I came across a book called My Daddy is a Pretzel. It’s a book with yoga poses for kids. On a whim, I checked it out, and my daughters love it! They love it so much, in fact that we’ve checked out a few other yoga books as well, including this one (which is my favorite) and this one. A lot of the poses mimic animals or familiar shapes and objects. Both of my girls think it’s so fun to pretend to be a flamingo or a lion or a tree. I’m not sure they benefit from the breathing or relaxation techniques, but it has […]

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A Little Pre-Recital Drama…

My four year old daughter had her first dance recital this week. After a lifetime of being on the sidelines for her brothers’ soccer, basketball and baseball games, this little girl was so thrilled to finally have her time in the spotlight! But just as it was time to start getting her ready for her big event, the drama happened… I reached out and grabbed my daughter’s hand so we could start to change her clothes. Being the stinker that she can sometimes be, she decided to pulled away just as I pulled her toward me. Suddenly, I felt a little pop in her wrist. We both froze and looked at each other. […]

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On My Mind Monday: Playdates for Mom


A few weeks ago, Shannon wrote a post on balance and how living a balanced life helps to minimize stress. I read this article today called, “For Stressed Moms: 6 Steps to Finding Better Balance,” and thought it was worth sharing. I like how the author says that “Everyone needs playdates,” meaning that even moms need time to do things that aren’t necessarily centered on their children. When I had my first daughter, I was with her almost all of the time and rarely did anything for myself. I did work away from home about 30 hours a week, but that was more for necessity than personal fulfillment. After having my second daughter, […]

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San Diego Musts for Families

San Diego

Over 32 million people visit San Diego each year and it is easy to see why. The amazing weather, gorgeous beaches, excellent dining, and overabundance of entertainment make this city a top tourist destination from around the world. Growing up, my family would come to San Diego at least a few times every year. Now that I live only an hour away, my own little family gets to go and play there often. I love seeing my kids creating many of the same memories I did as a kid and we have also discovered many new adventures over the years. Today I would like to share with you some of our family’s favorite things to do in the […]

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Why I’m Happy Wednesday: Recitals, Fruit, and More

dance recital

I’ll be honest – the last few days have been rough. My baby had a relapse of the stomach flu (the 3rd bout in 11 days), and I’ve been struggling in other ways, as well. I need a “Why I’m Happy Wednesday” post to help me see some good right now. Let’s see if I can come up with a few things to make me smile today! Dance Recital – My dance group had a recital on Saturday. It was the first time I had danced in a performance since my junior year of college when my tap class performed at a festival. I loved it so much! Dancing with this group makes […]

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On My Mind Monday: He Loves You


I often feel that I was born with an overly tender heart. When I know or hear of other’s experiencing tough things, I literally feel my heart aching and a heaviness in my chest. It weighs on my mind for so long and I feel a fervent need to help them, even though in most circumstances there is little that I can do. This heart of mine has been bombarded lately with the trials and hardships of several people who I know and love. I want so badly to be able to take away their pain, right their wrong, fix what has been broken, or restore what has been lost. But I can’t. When life […]

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Ready, Set, Summer!

summer fun

It’s no secret that I love summer. Usually I look forward to getting back in the pool and on to vacation for weeks. This year, though, I’ve been feeling pretty emotional about this season since my daughter will be going to school at summer’s end. Where we live, schools start the first week of August, so our summer vacation feels quite short (although the summer temperatures will linger for a good 6-8 weeks after school begins). In an attempt to make this a memorable summer and soak up as much time as I can with both of my girls at home, I’ve been planning all kinds of activities for us to do the next two […]

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Getting My Craft On

getting crafty

Crafting is not something I would list as one of my strengths. In fact, it would probably be one of the first things listed as one of my weaknesses. So when I do something crafty and it actually turns out well, I am elated and have to post about it! 😉 I have had several opportunities over the past few weeks to stretch my creativity and improve my crafting skills. Let me share with you what I have been up to…. Teacher Appreciation Doors- Somehow I ended up as the room mom for both of my boys’ classrooms this year. Besides helping in the classroom, this job is mostly organizational and facilitating the communication […]

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Feeling Like A Real Mom

At the beach

Mother’s Day was not a glamorous day around here. My family brought me breakfast in bed. While I was eating it, my baby threw up – the first of many times throughout the day. She has always been quite attached to me, but was especially so while she was sick. I heard her say, “Mama!” probably no less than 500 times that day. Janssen, from Everyday Reading, wrote a post about things that make her feel like a real mom, which I thought was so fun and relatable. It got me thinking about things that make me really feel like a mom: Staying awake (literally) all night holding a sick baby who will […]

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